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pbsControl is professional SCADA solution provider .pbsSCADA solution is based on pbsHMI as master SCADA Platform , pbsSoftLogic as RTU Programming environment and DNP3/IEC870-5/Modbus/GSP/OPC UA protocols .

pbsSoftLogic is an open Platform for RTU/PLC Programming . We can Port pbsSoftLogic for any RTU with Linux/WinCE/Win32/QNX Operating Systems .


- pbsSoftLogic : Open RTU/PLC Programming Environment ( Function Block Programming and Lua Language) for Embedded linux/QNX Controller with Supported Modbus Master/Slave , DNP3 Slave , IEC870-5-101/104 Slave ,IEC870-5-103 master GSP Client ,OPC UA Server , SQLite and Siemens S7 Communication Protocols . Download Free Development Environment V2.0RC18. Download user manual

- pbsHMI : HMI/SCADA Software Platform Based on .Net Technology .

- GSP Protocol : GSP Master OPC Server User Manual ,Download GSP Master OPC Server

- IEC 60870-5-104 Master OPC Server V1.6 : Download OPC Server , Download User Manual

- E+H FieldGate FXA520 OPC Server , Download User Manual , Download OPC Server


1 - DNP3 Master/Slave Driver for beckhoff CX Series Controller .

We developed DNP3 Master/Slave Driver for Beckhoff CX Controller for ARM/X86 Based CPU with WINCE and Win32 Controller .

Download DNP3 Slave Driver Configurator utility ( V3). ( 7/11/ 2018)

Download ARM CPU WinCE DNP3 Slave Driver Runtime(V3) ( 12/11/ 2018)

DNP3 Slave Driver manual

2 - pbsSoftLogic Runtime Kernel for CX Series Controllers .

With pbsSoftLogic you can easily develop RTU Logic based on Function Block Programming and Lua Scripting for Beckhoff CX Series Controller and use DNP3 , IEC101/104 , Modbus TCP/RTU , OPC UA , GSP , S7-PLC and TDS-SQLite protocols in your project only with high level configuration tools without any progamming Knowledge.





pbsControl released V3 of DNP3 Slave driver for Beckhoff Controller . ( Nov 2018)

pbsControl released AMS4000RTU Modular PLC/RTU Platform ( May 2018)

pbsControl released pbs2008RTU ( July 2016)

pbsControl released SQLite Driver for pbsSoftLogic with Automatic synchronization with MS SQL Server at Master Contorl Room ( 24/5/2016) Read Application Story

pbsControl released OPC UA Server Driver for ADAM-3600 and pbs2008RTU . ( 18/4/2016)

pbsControl released V1.0 of GSP Communication protocol Specification.(29/12/2015)

pbsControl released V1.0 of E+H Fieldgate FXA520 OPC Server . ( 13 /3/2015)

pbsControl released V1.5 of IEC870-5-104 Master OPC Server . ( 1 /1/2015)

pbsControl released V1.3 of DNP3 Slave driver for Beckhoff Controller . ( 3 /11/2014)

pbsSoftLogic Version 1.66 is released with S7connect Communication protocol for interfacing with Siemens Control systems .(28/10/2014)

pbsSoftLogic Version 1.65 is released with IEC870-5-103 master protocol , pbsSDK , new ADAM3600 RTU and

UNO1110 Target Runtime.(10/10/2014)

We are offering following Training Courses with workshop :

- Course #1 : Basic SCADA Solutions , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

- Basic concepts of SCADA systems

- pbsSoftLogic Concepts , Function Block Programming and Logic offline simulation for pbs2008RTU

- Modbus, DNP3 and IEC101/104 Protocols Concepts , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- OPC Classic and OPC UA Concepts , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- Data Archiving in RTU by SQLite , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- SCADA Systems based on Mobile network and GSP Protocol Concepts , Tools and Configuration in pbsSoftLogic

- Course #2 : Advanced SCADA Solutions , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

- pbsSoftLogic RunTime Kernel Structure for Linux , win32 , WinCE and QNX Operating systems

- Lua Scripting Concepts and User Defined Function Block development with Lua for pbsSoftLogic

- MAPCSR hardware and Software Concepts , Configuration and Programming

- AMS-R4000RTU hardware and Software Concepts , Configuration and Programming

- Advanced Function Block Programming for Developing , simulation and Warm Logic Updating for a Real Plant.

- Course #3 : pbsHMI SCADA Platform, 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

- pbsHMI Concepts

- Configuration of Modbus , DNP3 , IEC104 , S7-Connect , OPC UA and OPC Classic Drivers in pbsHMI

- Developing Graphic Pages , Providing Dynamics and Events

- Graphic symbol Concepts and defining user defined symbols .

- C# Scripting in pbsHMI

- Function Block programming in pbsHMI and User defined FB by C#

- Data Logging in standard Database Like MS SQL Server

- Alarm and Events concepts and management and Logging

- Online and Historical Trending

- Scheduling and reporting concepts

- Client/Server structure in pbsHMI









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