pbsSoftLogic  for Beckhoff CX Series Controller


Use pbsSoftlogic easy IDE for developing Logic and configuration of SCADA protocols for CX Series Controllers without programming knowledge.

- Function Block programming with 300 ready FB

- User defined FB by C and Lua Scripting

- Beckhoff  ADS  , Modbus Master /Slave TCP/RTU , DNP3  Master/Slave , IEC101-104 Master/Slave ,

OPC UA Client /Server and  MQTT Client  are supported as Default Communication Protocols .

- Easy Drag & Drop Programming

- Offline Simulation of Logic is Supported ,

- Logic Monitoring Utility and Tags Forcing

 License price  of pbsSoftLogic Runtime kernel for CX series Controllers   is 300 USD per CPU

Download pbsSoftlogic Free IDE for Beckhoff ( V3 RC7). 


DNP3 Master /Slave Driver for Beckhoff CX Series Controller


DNP3 Master/Slave Driver for Beckhoff CX Controller for ARM/X86 Based CPU with WINCE and Win32 Controller .

-Master /Slave Functionality , level 3

-System Tag for TwinCat to send Integrty poll , Time Synch , ReadRBE , Read Class data ,....

-GUI for dnp3 master /Slave driver

-Direct Mapping Between DNP Master tags to DNP Slave Kernel with msec resolution

-1 msec Data gathering from ADS to DNP 3 Slave Kernel

-multi drop RS485 Master driver is supported

-integrated DNP Frame logging facility for communication diagnostic

-Multi Fragment Data Transfer , Standard driver can accept 2048 DNP Tags

-differnet Qualifire is supported for Class0 Transfer


Download Beckhoff DNP3 Master /Slave Driver for WinCE-ARM /WinCE-X86/Win32 ( V3 RC24). ( 11/11/2021)

Download Beckhoff DNP3 Master /Slave Manual ( V3 RC23). ( 1/1/ 2021)

Learn DNP3 from Developer

Beckhoff DNP3 Training Course , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

Day 1 - DNP3 Protocol Concepts , Frame Formats , Communication Modes ,Data Types , Functions

Day 2 - DNP3 Slave Configuration for CX Controllers , Communication Diagnostic By Wireshark , Driver DNP3 Logging Function , pbsControl DNP3 Master Tester .

Day 3 - DNP3 Master Configuration for CX Controllers , Communication Diagnostic by Driver DNP3 Logging function , Multi Drop RS485 Master Configuration , 1 msec Data Gathering from TC , Direct Mapping between DNP Master Driver to DNP Slave Driver in CX Controllers