DNP3 Master /Slave Driver for Beckhoff CX Series Controller


DNP3 Master/Slave Driver for Beckhoff CX Controller for ARM/X86 Based CPU with WINCE and Win32 Controller .

-Master /Slave Functionality , level 3

-System Tag for TwinCat to send Integrty poll , Time Synch , ReadRBE , Read Class data ,....

-GUI for dnp3 master /Slave driver

-Direct Mapping Between DNP Master tags to DNP Slave Kernel with msec resolution

-1 msec Data gathering from ADS to DNP 3 Slave Kernel

-multi drop RS485 Master driver is supported

-integrated DNP Frame logging facility for communication diagnostic

-Multi Fragment Data Transfer , Standard driver can accept 2048 DNP Tags

-differnet Qualifire is supported for Class0 Transfer


Download Beckhoff DNP3 Master /Slave Driver for WinCE-ARM /WinCE-X86/Win32 ( V3 RC24). ( 27/8/2022)

Download Beckhoff DNP3 Master /Slave Manual ( V3 RC24). ( 27/8/ 2022)

Learn DNP3 from Developer

Beckhoff DNP3 Training Course , 3 days , from 9:00 to 15:00

Day 1 - DNP3 Protocol Concepts , Frame Formats , Communication Modes ,Data Types , Functions

Day 2 - DNP3 Slave Configuration for CX Controllers , Communication Diagnostic By Wireshark , Driver DNP3 Logging Function , pbsControl DNP3 Master Tester .

Day 3 - DNP3 Master Configuration for CX Controllers , Communication Diagnostic by Driver DNP3 Logging function , Multi Drop RS485 Master Configuration , 1 msec Data Gathering from TC , Direct Mapping between DNP Master Driver to DNP Slave Driver in CX Controllers


pbsSoftLogic  for Beckhoff CX Series Controller


Use pbsSoftlogic easy IDE for developing Logic and configuration of SCADA protocols for CX Series Controllers without programming knowledge.

- Function Block programming with 300 ready FB

- User defined FB by C and Lua Scripting

- Beckhoff  ADS  , Modbus Master /Slave TCP/RTU , DNP3  Master/Slave , IEC101-104 Master/Slave ,

OPC UA Client /Server and  MQTT Client  are supported as Default Communication Protocols .

- Easy Drag & Drop Programming

- Offline Simulation of Logic is Supported ,

- Logic Monitoring Utility and Tags Forcing

 License price  of pbsSoftLogic Runtime kernel for CX series Controllers   is 100 USD per CPU

Download pbsSoftlogic Free IDE for Beckhoff ( V3 RC7).