Build your own RTU without low-level programming

PbsSoftLogic RunTime Kernel is ported for BeagleBone and Raspberry PI Core CPUs.

For Local IO on the main CPU you can use our LocalIO driver that is allowing you to use GPIO and USB 3G/4G Modems.No need for low level programming , only set GPIO number on LocalIO driver configuration file and setup your GPIO.For Serial ports you can use Serial port name for all drivers .

For Fast IO on CAN Network you can use pbsCAN protocol . pbsCAN supports 1 msec data resolution and allowing for multiple CAN IO modules to communicate with the Main CPU . pbsCAN master is a ready protocol on Main CPU and for IO Modules we have developed pbsCAN slave for differnet micro controllers .

Contact us and get your pbsSoftLogic IDE and one free license for Runtime kernel and start to build your own RTU.

we provide ready development boards for BeagleBone and RPI. Development Boards has LED , DI , DO , RS232 , RS485 , CAN ,Buzzer , RTC and Reset Factory Interfaces .